Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Orissa trip - Day 1

We took the connecting flights from Pune-Hyderabad and Hyderabad to Bhubaneswar.The journey .... which took up the whole day, was uneventful. Except for one thing. Hubby came across a small kiosk in Hyderabad airport that sold Danish pastries.Hubby had tasted some on his trips to the US and wanted me to taste them. They tasted awesome and I loved them. Bad news for hubby dear ... as till date I have not come across a similar, if not better, Danish pastry anywhere else. I keep craving for them. And that keeps him on the lookout for them.

Anyways ... we reached Bhubaneswar just as the sun was setting.Hubby was surprised at the time ... it was only something past 6 in the evening and it was already dark by the time we stepped out of the airport. I reminded him that we are on the eastern part of the country now.

The airport is not very far from the centre of the town ... yet the autorickshaws always try to fleece. The drive should not take more than 15 mins .... always settle on the fare first. That way you know he will take you through the shortest possible way . My knowledge of the local language shook the rick guy ... and he settled for a decent fare that did not hurt his ego.

One thing to remember is Bhubaneswar is very expensive for the Indian tourist when it comes to staying in hotels. These days most of them advertise on the internet .... but be very careful while choosing them. Most of the time the photo they display on the net is very old where the place would be looking bright and new. But the moment you see it you will know that it can be anything between 15-20 years old ... maybe more.
So if you see a beautiful place in a snap on the web AND the price looks very reasonnable ... avoid booking there. If you don't believe me .... you can try and check out for yourself. Go for the slightly bigger and well reputed hotels both for good service and clean place as well as good food.

After we freshened up we decided to take a walk and look around the place. After all it was only early evening. And the moment we reached Kalpana Chowk we saw a Masala Muri wala. That started off our trip ... spicy masala muri ... and then Phuchka. Aaaah ... I was home ( well .... to an extent).

Later we decided to call it a day looked forward to the next day's plan.

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