Monday, June 30, 2008

Orissa trip - Day 6

We got up very early next morning as we wanted to see the sunrise. We were on the east coast .... so could see the sun come out of the sea. Else we always have to make do with the western coast sunsets. It was still dark when we walked down to the beach ... which was right across the road from our hotel. People were already taking walks or just sitting and enjoying the morning cool. Slowly the eastern horizon turned pink and after quite a while the sun came out through the morning mist. It was a beautiful scene. Photographers were having a field day ... and we too clicked some beautiful snaps.

A little later the fishermen came in with their boats and catch. Among the fishes that would later make their way to the market, we saw some fishes that are never consumed but get caught in the nets and die an unnecessary death.

Among these we saw a strange fish that the locals called the "Frog fish". Once out of the water it puffs up like a balloon and maybe because of its green colour it got its name.

Another experience was seeing the Jelly fish. I associate this fish to the cartoon Spongebob where these are shown as eccentric aqua creatures and giving a stinging shock to those who they don't like.

Unfortunately that was not the scene here. They were unceremoniously dumped in a heap and nobody bothered with them ... except for a few cruel men who poked them about with their shoes. They were still pulsating ... so were alive. So hubby and I started to pick them and run down to the water and threw them as far as we could .... the deeper the water ..... the less the chances of them getting washed ashore again.
I still hope they made it.

Then hubby enetered the water and had a great time in the waves. I stayed out as it was still very early and there was a chill in the air. I did not want to fall ill or catch a cold.

Later we got ready and our taxi was ready too. We had a heavy breakfast of aloo parathas and started off for Chilika.

We were going to OTDC Barkul in Chilika as the islands are nearer from there. The highway was good and we had a smooth journey ... non stop to Chilika.

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