Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Rajasthan - Day 1 Jaipur

We took the morning flight to Delhi. Didi had told us that buses run regularly from Rajasthan bhavan ... so we went there directly from the airport. For some reason the AC buses were not running that day. So we had to settle for the bus just about to leave. Got two seats ... but had to pay Rs.50 extra for our luggage which was only 2 suitcases. Why? .... I still don't know. :-)

The Delhi Jaipur highway is great ... with phone and restroom facilities every 5 km. The Midways are the one time stoppages ... with good food and clean washrooms. Not to mention the buses ... they give complimentary bottled drinking water ... which I felt was very thoughtful.

We reached Jaipur around evening and our hotel was just 5 mins from the bus stop. This time our choice of hotel was inside the city as we intended to roam the whole city. Beside, the hotel is just as popular.

We had booked in Arya Niwas. This place has good rooms and a old world charm. The lawn is the perfect place to while away time any time of the day ( which we did a lot as hubby fell ill immediately after we reached Jaipur). Breakfasts on the lawn in the winter morning sun were a memorable experience. As a lot of people from abroad usually stayed there ... we made a lot of new friends too.

In the evening we sat in the lawn for a while and watched firecrackers light the night sky. Then went off to roam the hub of the city as all the excitement for Diwali would be there.
It was the same place where the bomb blasts took place recently. The outrage that we felt on the news still hasn't quite gone away. Anybody who has met the simple people there would naturally feel doubly outraged.

The whole market is a set of four blocks with lanes crossing and inter crossing each other. There are shops on both sides of the road with houses upstairs ... in one straight line.The whole place was lit up with lights and people were burning crackers. It was a beautiful Diwali evening.
The roadsides were filled with people selling streetfood. everything from chaat, panipuri,aloo tikki,kachoris,samosas,chana chaat,dahi vadas,mirchi vadas and kanji vadas ... and numerous other stuff. And of course lassi too.
I always make it a point ot taste panipuri at whichever new place I visit . So started sampling right away. Hubby did not like the kanji vadas ... said I made them better. :-)
There were people selling jootis and small boys working mehendi patterns on the hands of ladies.
We just walked around and enjoyed the new place. Kept the shopping for later.

Tomorrow we leave for Ajmer and Pushkar.


  1. I enjoyed my trip to Jaipur a lot. I was there a couple of years ago. Was that badi bazaar or something like that? I bought lots of oxidised silver junk jewellery in one of those shops, and hogged some yummy kachoris at a famous sweet shop! I too feel the people there a simple lot - but then bombing anywhere is against humanity!

  2. Actually Sunshinemom ... the jwellery bazaar is called Johri bazaar ... and LMB is in Nehru bazaar .... the whole place is actually 2 squares ... the starting is Badi Chaukdi ... and the end is Choti Chaukdi. Chaukdi means squares ... where 4 lanes meet. The whole place has lots of bazaars .. even Telwali bazaar .. that sells only oils, Gheewai bazaar ... that sells all kinds of ghee, Kapda bazaar ... etc etc.


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