Friday, July 25, 2008

Things to pack for an overnight trip

If you are regular traveller you won't need this list as you will have it by rote by now. But if you are an occasional traveller a list always is a big help ... you don't forget things and spend valuable time looking for them in a new place. The list below has been made keeping in mind remote places ... we always prefer quiet places, away from civilisation.
  1. If going to a beach, then beach wear.Bermudas and capris are good ... if you don't want to roll up your jeans and getting them drenched anyway ... not to mention you can't wear them immediately afterwards. The above clothings are light .. so are easy to carry and you can pack a couple or more.
  2. Always keep an extra set of clothes. You never know ... you may want to get into the water one last time ... may get drenched ... if not by the waves ... how about when a glass of water spills on you? :-)) ... not to mention even a spoonful of gravy ?
  3. Large towels and small napkins.
  4. Toothbrush / toothpaste .... nothing is more irritating than getting up early for a great day and realise you don't have the necessary stuff .... unless you are happy to chew on a twig. And no shop opens at least before nine.
  5. Medicines ... very, very imp.
  6. Some Goodnight .... most remote places will have mosquitoes.
  7. Soap / shampoo .... most places provide for them ... but I hate the cheapo ones with their everlasting yucky smell ... not to mention the stuff called shampoos.
  8. Your own combs / hairbrushes.
  9. Keep a set of extra polythene bags ( I can see environmentalists coming in for the kill ... but we do need to use them sometimes ) ... to dump in wet garments and carry them back home.
  10. A set of old newspapers too ... they come very handy ... from spreading and sitting anywhere you want to ... to wrapping up wet things like sea-shells ... etc.
  11. Caps and sunscreen lotions.
  12. Enough cash and petrol.
  13. A few good CDs to listen to on the drive.
  14. A bedsheet or two ... they are a boon if you get a room you don't like ... at least you can sleep in peace.
  15. Carry your own home footwear. Sneakers if going to hilly places.... and enough socks.
  16. Plenty of tissue rolls. :-)
  17. A list of phone numbers of people back home ... yes, inspite of having a mobile. :-)
  18. And a torch ... always.


  1. I always pack in the last minute. While my wife is all packed three days before ... a hand sanitiser is a good idea too. In another era, possibly paper soap for train journeys. Good idea to pack booze if you are staying in a very fancy hotel

  2. Thanks for the input Kalyan. :-)
    I had a journey by road in mind when writing this ... been a long time since I was on a train last. And since we are not into booze, that thought skipped my mind. Besides the mini fridges in the rooms do have a good stock. :-)

  3. You are welcome Mr.Ushnish. :-)


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