Thursday, August 21, 2008

Lonavla in the rains

Much as I would love to post another series of our long trips ... I just have to post this.
With the rains making their presence still ... we went for a drive to Lonavla.

Decided to make a Chenchki ... a Bengali mixed vegetables sabzi ... that goes great with puris . Hubby said not to make the puris ... shall pick up something later.

He had mentioned Mulshi .... but we were heading Aundh. Stopped at Sarja (our all time favourite) for rumali rotis, my treat of chicken drumsticks (now I knew the reason for heading this way), and then at Kadhai for the best garma garam kachori and jalebis. Then we drove on.

Hubby took the expressway as it is beautiful during the rains. And we were headed towards Lonavla. Had I known before, I would have resisted. Lonavla on a national holiday .... and in the rains .... is chaos spelt in capitals.

But all I did was sit back and enjoy my crispy hot drumsticks and the view. Clicked loads of snaps. And enjoyed every moment.

The wind played with the water on my window.

The snaps below were clicked when we were sitting idle ... stuck in a jam ... and when we were not having our belated lunch of Chenchki and rumali rotis. :-)

After we were free from the jam ... we drove towards Khandala ... but the traffic was bad and it was already evening. And just at the right moment we spied another jam ahead. So took an about turn and headed back. Passed the stream below ....

.... and a road went down parallel to it. Hubby took it .... and we landed at Fariyas. Took a well deserved break there. The rain drenched patio looked so inviting.

Through the drinking glass. :-)

Did not pick up any chikkis this time. What with the traffic getting wilder by the moment, we were just glad to get out of the place.
The drive on the expressway soothed our ruffled nerves .... and soon we were back home.


  1. Very beautiful pictures Sharmila!
    Ohh how I miss the rains...and the smell of the wet earth.
    Great vacation BTW :)

  2. Harini
    I completely agree with you.:-)Thanks for taking the time to come over here. :-)

    Thanks!I can understand .. almost everybody I know who stays abroad pines for the rain .. ekhankar brishti is always different. :-)

  3. Sharmila,
    beautiful Pictures of rain..
    hugs and smiles

  4. Thanks Jaya for coming over here.Am glad you liked the pics. I have clicked some more pics of the rain ... your pics inspired me to. :-)
    Coming up in the next post. :-)

  5. Finally, I landed here today and read through..what fun..I pretty much relate to the way you guys travel and wish I was back in India on one of those road trips..sigh

  6. Am so glad you came here Rashmi.:-)Next time you are in India do come over.We will plan a trip and have good fun. :-)

  7. Lonavla looks like a paradise:)
    Sharmila,I've an award waiting for you at my blog,please collect:)

  8. Thank you Yasmeen ... for the nice words and the award. :-)


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