Friday, August 8, 2008

Rajasthan - Day 4 & 5 Amber fort ,Jaipur city & Chokhi Dhani

We spent Day 3 lounging in the soft winter sun in the hotel lawns .... and sometimes in the library. Not to mention the continous munching and numerous cups of tea/ hot chocolate/ coffee. Hubby rested well .... cannot afford to stay ill the whole trip. :-)

Day - 4
( The pics of Amber and Jantar Mantar are by our friend J. )

We started the day with Amber fort first ( pronounced Aamer) ... a little over 15 kms from the city.

The drive up the fort is beautiful. There are elephants to take you up to the fort .... but no ... they are not for poor desis like us. One guy actually quoted Rs.1000/- for the trip.

So we went like 'ornary people ... where your taxi asks you to, you get off .... and start walking.
The fort is full of miniature works on the walls and paintings. ( I had liked the paintings in the palaces of Udaipur better). There are well laid out gardens.

The view from atop the fort is beautiful ... and one can see other forts in the vicinity too.

It takes quite a while to go through the fort and it was noon when we were done with it.

We headed straight towards the city hub as the rest of the places that we planned to visit were there. First had lunch at LMB. This name is synonymous with Jaipur. Earlier hubby and myself had treated ourselves to a gastronomic feast here on the evening of day 1. We had the great Rajasthani Thali for lunch. :-)

Then we headed for the City Palace. This is again almost in the center of the city. The beautiful palace is built in pink stone that Jaipur is so famous for ... and gives it the name The Pink City. There was puppet show going on in one corner of the huge courtyard. The museum is stocked with stuff of bygone rulers and times.

The Jantar Mantar is very near to the city palace and was naturally our next stop. I had heard and read so much about this place and have always harboured an unconcious wish to see it. This place has to be seen to be believed.

For the first time I saw efficient guides ... they have to be .... to show all the calculations and stuff. Took a lot of snaps there .... even a snap of the Hawa Mahal from atop one of the structures.

It was almost six in the evening when we finished with Jantar Mantar and went towards Hawa Mahal.
But too late .... the place was closed. So took snaps from outside and started strolling again.

It was aleady evening by now and we walked down the market place. The place was more bright and colourful what with diwali lights and decorations. Stopped again at LMB for some snacks (read Khandvis again) .... hubby was hooked to the Kachoris and sweets though.

I conciously avoided shopping .... I had planned half a day for it .... when I would be shopping only for myself with no distractions ;-p.

But by stroke of luck I found two white Lucknowi tops .... awesome work .... and so cheap I grabbed them without even checking the size .... they were for Rs.250 only. Luckily for me ,they were the right size .... and even today are my favourites. Shopping started after all. :-)

Had some great lassi too. I got a pair of Mojris for 50 bucks ... and they are truly beautiful .... and no ... I did not bargain. :-)

It was pretty late when we finished. As we had let our taxi go at the city palace ..... we intended to walk .... you do not get the feel of a place unless you walk down the roads and at least one market area .... I believe so ...... we took a rick back.
Had dinner in the hotel and called it a day.

On day 5 ..... we shopped .... rather I shopped .... hubby visited friends. Later in the evening, we went to Chokhi Dhani. Literally meaning Beautiful Village .... this resort has been set up like a village with huts, puppet players, elephant rides, Rajasthani snacks shops, mehendi girls, bangle makers and lots more for the guests' entertainment. There is a dinner of authentic Rajasthani fare. All these come for a one time ticket at the entry. There are cottages for overnight stay too.

We spent some time there and headed for dinner. The food was good but there was too much rush ... so we had go for the buffet.

I like the Chokhi Dhani at Pune ... not only does it have a great area to roam about .... the food is just too good. It does not have stay over arrangements though.
Tomorrow we leave for Ranthambore. :-)


  1. This is an interesting and informative post, Sharmila. I especially liked the photographs. Yes, it was LMB where we ate...have been trying to recall the place! Great snacks. Can you believe we actually climbed the over the fortress walls from the inside and got shouted at by the watchman! It is a beautiful place. Enjoyed this one very much. We were there for a marriage and had to miss Chokhi Dhani:(!

  2. Hi Sunshinemom !
    Am so glad you liked the post. The photographs are clicked by me from our old photos .. in super macro ... we did not have our digital camera then. You actualy climbed the walls ??!!!! LOL
    You can visit Pune's Chokhi Dhani is better ... believe me. Just give the rainy season a miss. :-)


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