Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Rajasthan Day - 7 Nahargarh fort

We reached Jaipur from Ranthambore by early evening. On entering the city our driver showed us the palace where the queen stays and asked if we had been to the Laxmi Narayan Temple or the Birla temple. When we said we hadn't, he offered to take us there. Great.

This temple is not only beautiful ... but peaceful too. We spent some time there and returned to our hotel. After freshening up, we pondered as to what to do next .... this being our last night in Jaipur. Since the roads are so good, we were not at all tired. So decided to visit the Nahargarh fort.

We called a radio taxi and set off. The drive is beautiful all the way up to the fort .... which is really quite high.

The view from the fort is incredible. In the darkness of the night, the whole city lay before us as a blanket of twinkling lights. Saw the famous canon there too. Cultural programs were on .... Rajasthani dance and songs. No place in the restaurant either. So after checking out all the vantage points of the fort .... we made our way back.

On the way back we had dinner at a dhaba. Piping hot food made right in front of us .... we were starving ... so no talks. Garam garam masala paneer, dal makhani, aloo capsicum, salad and thick rotis. We fell on the food and did not stop before the plates were polished clean. Aaaah! :-)

Tomorrow we set back for Delhi ... and catch our flight back home.
All in all .... a great vacation. :-)

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