Wednesday, May 22, 2013


While our visit to Vishakapatnam was a thoroughly relaxed one, the plans and the actual travel was a mad one. We had just shifted to a new city and I was overwhelmed with the constantly new things that we had to encounter everyday. I longed for a break ... for familiar conditions ... missed the impromptu trips to the beach nearby. So the man planned a trip to Vishakapatnam  ... we have a friend there ... and so the weekend was spent in great company, food and wandering around new places.

We landed early in the morning ... around 8:30 am. After a hearty breakfast at Novotel's buffet, we went for a long drive. Chatting, laughing, with the sea on our side, it was a fun morning.

Sculptures on the promenade.
Beautifully maintained, with clean, wide roads, the promenade is a wonderful place to take a walk ... morning or evening. Evenings are specially beautiful ... and late into the night, when traffic is almost nil ... a walk there is one of the most beautiful ways to experience Vishakapatnam.

A man sells tulsi tea on a bicycle there. Sitting the wide parapet beside the sea, in the soothing sea breeze, sipping on the hot, spicy tea, all of us spent all three late evenings there ... chatting away late into the night.

View from the room.
View from the rope way to the hill top park.
View from the toy train atop the park.

The first evening, we had a barbeque dinner at Novotel. The ambience of the open air pool, live music and the cool sea breeze , combined with great food , was awesome . I got to try out some wonderful combinations on the bbq ... mustard lobster, crabs in kalonji paste and coriander pompret were some of the awesome spread there.
Had a wonderful dinner at Dakshin on the second night.
The food scene in Vishalapatnam is limited ... but of good quality. Especially the mutton tastes great ... I got to try it at both restaurants and home ... both times highly satisfied..

Spent a lot of time on the beach. The sun was strong for Feb ... but with shades was pretty bearable till 11 in the morning.

My favourite was taking along a cup of coffee and sit on the beach.
Spent a wonderful weekend all in all.


  1. Oh! next time India te ferot eshe Vizag jete every account here Sharmila..and looking forward to many more post from you in your travelogue..keep it going..hugs

  2. Thank you Jaya! Amakeo bolo ... shobai mile ghurte jabo. :-)

  3. One of my fave cities after Mumbai, so many similarities and cleaner beaches!

  4. Right Anjali ... the cleanest beaches and roads I've seen in a while.
    Thanks for coming over. :-)


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