Monday, July 15, 2013

Around Bangalore 2 - A half day trip to Savanadurga

Savandurga is a hill 60 km west of Bangalore. It is considered to be among the largest monolith hills in Asia.
1226 m above sea level, It consists of peninsular gneiss, granites, basic dykes and laterites.  Nearby attractions are the  Manchanabele dam and the big Banyan tree. 

We drove down to Savanadurga one Sunday afternoon. You can easily reach, spend time and return in half a day ... unless you add Manchibelle dam and the big Banyan tree to your iteranary. For that you'll need  another 2-3 hours. We skipped them.

To reach Savanadurga, we took the NICE road to Mysore. From Ramnagara, there is a right turn. Keep going on that road till you come to a huge gateway, decorated as the mandir entrance ... there is a Hanuman mandir at the base of the hill ... take that right and keep going straight till you reach the foot of the hills.

Roads and highways are excellent in Karnataka. Even the State highways.

Rocks near Ramnagara ... the same place where the film Sholay was shot.
One look at them and could hear the cold, reverberating voice of Gabbar, walking in measured strides, cracking his whip and asking ... "Kitney aadmi theyy?"

Beautiful rock formations viewed from the highway.

The Hanuman mandir ... the base.

One single rock! Huge!

People trekking up the first hill.
The easiest way is to climb is to follow the electric posts.

Keep an eye out for these marks ... they make the climb easier. Else you can lose the actual track and veer towards flat rock , which turns difficult during descent.

Ancient structures at the base of the hill. 

Local fruits.

While returning, we came across a beautiful place called Raasta ... a restaurant and garden. Comes on the highway, just after Ramnagara ... on the left.
Good place to take a break, relax and fill you up.
They have clean restrooms, a beautiful restaurant and a relaxed atmosphere.
The menu is continental. And the place, very clean and well maintained. 

We took a break here. It was late evening by the time we set off again but reached  Bangalore in good time as there was no heavy traffic on the highways that day.
Will return for a visit to that banyan tree and the dam.
Will keep you posted.

Till then ... keep the wandering soul alive in you. :-)

More details on Savanadurga here 


  1. Beautiful drive, I have missed visiting this place while I was in Blr. Hey I don't agree the roads in the Karnataka countryside are good. Certain tourist circuits are ok but north kar roads are a nightmare. Exception is the highway NH4. I have travelled a lot in Kar and I used to love the NECE rd, Mysore highway etc but try the coastal Karnataka. May be they have improved over the years. This route definitely looks good.

    1. Thanks for dropping by Anjali. Yes, I still have to try out a lot more routes including coastal Karnataka. Been avoiding due to the rains. Am hoping they have improved. :-)

  2. Lovely snaps!
    Berate bhishon bhalo lage..tai chobi dekhei mone hoy chole jai..


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