Monday, July 29, 2013

Around Bangalore 3 - Srirangapatna

By road from Bangalore, Srirangapattana is 128 kms and takes around 2 hrs and 30 minutes. Excluding the time in Bangalore's traffic. We started early, after breakfast ... around 8:00 am. And reached at around 12:00 noon. Still, there was enough time to go around leisurely and visit all the places including Sangam.

You need to take a right from the highway to enter Tipu's fort, Srirangapatna. The fort area is small. And most of the original structures are broken. But settlements are thriving and the place is a busy with the people staying there as well as tourists.

Entering Tipu Sultan's fort, Srirangapatna.
The Jami Masjid.

Tipu Sultan fell here.

There is the famous  Ranganathswamytemple ... which we gave a miss.

 The square near the Ranganathswamy temple.

 Beautiful green inside the fort.

Another exit from the fort.

After going around the fort, we left for Tipu's summer palace or the Dariya Daulat Bagh.

Well maintained and gets a big number of tourist visits. You will have to stand in line and buy tickets ... Rs.5/- per person.
The design of this summer palace  is exactly the same as the one in Bangalore. This one has been converted into a museum and no photography is allowed inside the premises.
There are some very good frescoes on the walls and the ceilings and woodwork from that era.

 After this, we went to the Gumbaj, the masoleum of Tipu and Haider Ali.
The way to Sangam comes before the Gumbaj, but we decided to see the Gumbaj first and then spend some time at the Sangam.
 The Sangam is only 2.5 kms from the Gumbaj... and falls on your left.  This is where the rivers Lokpavani and the river Cauvery meet.

Boat ride in the sangam

Deities in the center of the confluence

The Cauvery

The Sangam is full of priests and people conducting rituals and shraddh and other pujas. While the ghaat is beautiful, it is extremely dirty due to the littering and pujas done there. Also, too many shops crowd the place and it is difficult to find a parking place for your vehicle.

We went ahead to the actual Cauvery river's ghaat that had a small temple too.
This ghaat was clean and so were the waters. A popular picnic spot, there were hordes of families enjoying playing in the shallow waters.

You won't find any food all this while ... but there are numerous shops selling biscuits, chips and cold drinks.
We started our return journey by 4:00 pm. On the highway, there are many shops selling the very famous Maddur vada. Do stop and try some.


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