Wednesday, March 26, 2014

Around Bangalore 4 - Nandi Hills

Nandi hills is the nearest hill station, around 57 kms,  from Bangalore. 
To reach there by road, take the road towards the airport ... the NH7 ... till a little after Devanahalli.
Turn left to Nandi hills till a T junction.
Take a left.
After a while you come to a crossing ... there is a statue of the Nandi bull in the center ... turn right and head towards the ghats for Nandi hills.

The drive is beautiful ... not only for the weather, all cloudy and no rains and lots of cool breeze ... but also for the smooth roads. All green on both sides, the roads keep undulating into small curves sometimes. Just be careful when crossing localities ... there'll be real big sized humps on the roads ... most of the time not visible properly.

We left the city after lunch and reached in an hour ... there was hardly any traffic and of course, the fact that we live almost on the Northern outskirts helps too. It was late afternoon and the place was filled with families and groups picnicking.

Beautifully maintained, there is ample space with lots of trees and canopies. There were people lounging under the trees ... some asleep ...  after a good lunch. Others were playing ball or other games with children. There were workers who constantly patrolled the whole area ... guiding, helping in parking of vehicles, keeping an eye on small children running around ....
A family friendly place.

There is Tipu Sultan's summer guest house and some parts of the old fort. The Bull temple is one of the ancient structures.

There is the Cubbon House ... again beautifully kept.

We spent a good while walking around, Evening was setting in. Just as we were thinking of driving back, we came across the surprise of the day ... a skywalk!
The sky walk
The skywalk is beautiful ... to say the least!
Once we stepped on it and walked to the front, it was like we were walking on air. And felt the blast of wind
immediately! It was so windy there it took our breath away. And it was difficult to stand still.

There was a sheer drop on the side of the hill that folk lore says was used by Tipu for death sentences. The skywalk is made right near it.

 The place gives an excellent view to sunrises and sunsets.
 This place is perfect for a family outing as well as with a group of friends.
 The sky walk offers a wonderful view of the land below. And the best part is the strong wind that you get once you step on to the sky walk.
View from the sky walk
 While we were there, clouds had started to gather and come in from far and we could view them coming , turning the whole place dark. It rained in a moment and standing there on the sky walk in the midst of rain and strong wind was an experience by itself.
Another view from above the hill
Nandi hills does have a restaurant up there as there are small stalls selling hot dosas.
It was a disappointment as it did not encourage ladies inside ... there were heavy built men with glasses of liquor ... sitting there.

But it is better if you carry your own food and water as most of the time these places stay shut.
A guest house is under construction and hopefully tourists will be able to spend a night or two there ... soon.

All in all ... it is a beautiful place to spend an afternoon and evening in.


  1. Hey thr, Very nice blog and pics. Me and my sister are also planning to visit Nandi Hills on our activa. was wondering if the ghat roads were safe to ride thr and if u have been thr on a bike/scooter? Did you guys switch off the engine downhill on the way back? Need some tips, Regards, Kusum

  2. Thank you Kusum Rao.
    Activa? Well ... the roads are good ... on the ghats too ... but I really have no idea about going there on a two wheeler. But yes, there were a lot of people there who were on bikes though. Do make sure that you go there during the morning hours then ... the roads and the ghats can be pretty deserted. Better if you choose a weekend since there will be enough people around.
    Well ... I do believe we switched off the engine of the car at some points ... do not remember very well though.
    And do carry drinking water and some snacks ... most times there won't be any around.
    Hope this helps.
    Have fun!


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