Wednesday, November 30, 2016

New York in November - Arriving and exploring

New York!
Dynamic, fast paced, pulsating with never ending energy, always awake ... that is what is New York ... the city that is.
That is how this 'capital of the world' city is known to us.
And being there is a feeling that is so new, so fresh, one does not easily come across or forget in a hurry.
When B said that I will be accompanying him this time on his trip, I was a little unsure. He did mention that he will take a few days' break after his meetings are done, but what I was unsure of was the weather.
Since it would be early winter, I did not want to be in a place that would be cold, drab and uninteresting.
Rain, ice and slush were not what I had in mind when I visited the big apple for the first time.

But I was in for a surprise.
The weather was beautiful and it was not at all uncomfortably cold.
And I had one of the best vacations ever.

We had our dinner at Asia 7 at the Mumbai international airport before we boarded. We were later given a breakfast of hot parathas and the best aloo matar ki sabzi ever, later on the flight ( the Hindu Asian non vegetarian meal as they called it). They did keep plying us with tid bits and drinks all through the journey. We had a three hour changeover in Paris. And other than a scary episode, where Delta did not announce its change of gates and we were about to miss our connecting flight, our journey was smooth.
Paris airport is filled with numerous exotic eateries, cafes, fashion and perfume shops. Not to mention the chocolate shops  too.
Here are a couple of snapshots that I managed to dig out.

Stepping out from inside the airport into the bright sunshine, my reaction was "It is not cold at all! Just like an a/c all around." :-)
Yes, the weather was wonderful, to say the least. The air was crisp, clean and fresh. And the sun shone so bright that it hurt the eyes. Our car was waiting and we set off for the two hour drive to the outskirts, the city of White Plains, to our hotel, which would be nearer to B's office.
I was looking all around, amazed by the beautiful colours of the leaves during fall. Here are a few snaps that I clicked from the car.

 After checking into our suite, we did not waste a single moment and stepped out for a walk. It was a bright evening with a lingering twilight. And the freshness of the cold air took out breath away, but only for a moment.
White Plains is a beautiful city and I almost immediately fell in love with it. The roads, the people, the eateries, the parks ... everything about it.
It did not have the rush of a city and was very quiet. I would later spend most of my days going on long walks, eating out by myself and shop.

Here is a view from one of the windows of our suite, a place where I would spend a considerable amount of time, just watching the world go by.

 We walked around and did four to five blocks. Here are a few snaps for you to know White plains.

While there were lots of eateries all around, this is one of the first places that caught my eye, other than Macy's, Walmart, Dollar tree and Burlingtons.

We found a local grill and bar, the Wild Buffalo Wings Grill and Bar, at a crossroad and decided to go in. Since it was getting very cold by now, the warmth inside was a welcome break as we stepped in. The place was bustling with people and music and a game was on the telly. Boisterous young crowds at tables gave a good energy to the place. Smiling servers came by, placing huge glasses of iced water in front of us.
We had a dinner of Buffalo wings for me and  tacos and  Mac and cheese for vegetarian B. The ycame with celery sticks, tartar sauce, sour cream and hummus. I fell in love with the celery sticks that they serve with fries everywhere and literally grazed my way through them during my stay in the US.

  Stepping out after dinner, we realized how cold it had become when the air hit us on the face. We quickly walked back, our hands dug deep into the pockets of our jackets and our hoodies on. Due to the time difference, we were not sleepy at all. But eventually the tiredness caught up and we retired.
We were to visit NYC the next morning ... so rest was vital.

Our actual exploring starts the next day, when we will visit NYC.
Leaving you with this early morning shot from our window, my first morning in the US of A.

Do stay tuned.


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