Tuesday, February 14, 2017

New York in November - Brooklyn Bridge

I had wanted to catch the Brooklyn bridge early in the morning, but it is just as beautiful any time of the day. The bright, clear weather helped and it was warm all through the day.
We caught the piers and the bridge in bright sunlight and spent a good few hours walking around.
The whole place was teeming with people, it being a weekend.
It was a bright, sunny day with a cold breeze. I had never seen so many shades of blue at one time, together, before.
That is the statue of Liberty and Ellis Island, afar. 
The park is beautiful and it was a lovely walk up to the bridge. Fall made every tree and leaf beautiful.
The old piers.

The bridge as seen from the Brooklyn side.
You can take a walk on the bridge too ... both from Manhattan side as well as the Brooklyn side.
Sunrise and sunsets are the best times if you are looking for beautiful photographs.
This place has been on my wish list too ... especially after I saw the movie Kal Ho Na Ho. Most scenes have been shot on the waterfront and on the bridge. 
The famous Ice cream factory. It is made from a converted fireboat house and is just under the bridge in Dumbo. It is the oldest landmark in Brooklyn. They serve old fashioned, eggless ice cream and fudge ... all freshly made. We did try two ice creams.
 This was an ice cream and dry fruits in a baked casing ... I forget the name. 
View from the deck.
We had grabbed some fries and a hot dog and had taken a seat to rest for a while.

My Preiti Zinta moment at the waterfront.
We spent the larger part of the day exploring and then took the sub to Manhattan by evening.
It was a super moon that night and we went up 70 floors to the Observation deck at the Rockefeller Center to have a view.

Stay tuned.


  1. Very interesting read Sharmila. Love your PZ moment :-) Were the ice creams good?

    1. Thank you Vaishnavi! Yes, the ice creams were very good.


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