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New York in November - a few snapshots and a food walk on the streets of New York

Being in New York in late Fall gave me the chance to see nature at its beautiful best. While the weather  was perfect for our trip ... neither too cold nor very warm ... the Fall colours were stunning. The leaves had stayed on the trees as if they knew I was going to be there. Just a day before we left, it rained and that was the end of those glorious colours and onset of winter.

I tried to capture as many photos as I could.
When B used to be at office, I would often step out and go for a walk around the blocks near the hotel or shop. There was a Walmart, a Burlington and Macy's at the three corners of the next block and I have spent hours there. Later I found a Dollar Tree too. And there was no stopping me after that. I shopped like crazy.

I will share a few photographs of the days that I spent in the beautiful White Plains city.
Below is a snap of our suite. 
I have rustled up some quick meals in this quaint kitchen, when we did not dine out.
The view from one of the windows.
This was my favourite spot and I used to stand and watch the world go by.
Here, the streets are being vaccum cleaned of dry leaves since there was a forecast of rain for the following day.
View from the same window the following day ... check out the rain soaked streets. I had made myself a box of cup-o-noodles and ate it with a boiled egg for lunch, as it rained outside. 
Clicked this hilly road on one of my walks. Wanted to catch the gradual dip but could not because of the bright sunlight. Had spent many a morning at the Barnes and Noble beyond the traffic signal and also at the Starbucks on the corner.
The Ritz.
They have a grand Mediterranean restaurant that serves awesome food.
The trees were turning bare as it was late Fall.
And the Fall colours were strikingly beautiful.

Came across a beautiful church a few blocks away, on one of my walks.
This is one of the doors.
I fell in love with this little nook and could not resist myself from sitting there for a while.

There was a Pancake House on one of the corners.
I loved their Bacon pancakes served with honey, fresh cream and Maple syrup.
The guy helpfully pointed out that a plate will have six of these and maybe I should go for half a plate.
Look at the size ... it was still a lot for me.
Had made myself another bowlful of spicy cup-o-noodles with some shredded chicken from a leftover chicken roast.

And enjoyed it near my favourite window.
Another day, B had a team dinner. And got me a pizza and some pasta on his way back. 
This was lunch when we were exploring the Times Square one day.
B had omelette with fries, bread and butter.
I had some chicken fingers, mozarella sticks and Buffalo wings. With some fresh celery and a dip.
This is a shot of our regular breakfast ... almost everyday.
I used to make the waffles for both of us and we would take different syrups or compotes with them.
There would be a scrambled eggs everyday and some sausages too.
This is a shot of some spicy Buffalo wings and some vegetarian Strudels ... I do not remember where exactly.I think it was at Buffalo airport ... when we had gone to Niagara.
B had the veg Strudel, filled with ricotta cheese and spinach.
One evening, after B had returned from his office, we went for a walk and dinner. While looking around, we saw this place that declared "Our pizzas are well done!". I love well done pizzas and so went in.
And had the best pizza ever ... with a beautiful, well done, crisp base and a lot of generous toppings.
This was a salad that we had grabbed once on our way while exploring the NYC. 
While I did try to fathom the American cuisine as much as I could, there wasn't much beyond deep fried stuff ... mostly chicken ... Pizzas, sandwiches and burgers.
I did not opt for Mexican food ... which you will get in abundance there ... as I am not too fond of it. But I got to enjoy a Peruvian dish called Lomo Saltado .... which is made of marinated meat strips and stir frying them with onions, bell peppers and some sauces.
It is served with rice and I absolutely loved it.
The chicken plate.

The beef plate. 

On a weekend, we were walking down Madison avenue and came across this flea market and food stalls. There were some beautiful food from Columbia, Peru, Mexico and lots of hot dog stalls too.
The whole place was filled with the aroma of barbequed food.
Check out the size of the Turkey drums.

This was our quick breakfast at Buffalo airport, before we rushed to catch our cab to Niagara.

We did eat a lot of Indian food when in New York Not only because we were missing home food but also because we craved some wholesome, tummy filling food.
One such place was the Coriander leaf. They serve wholesome Punjabi food and it was first class.  If you are in White Plains, this is one place to eat if you want some really good Indian food.
They have a branch in New Delhi too.
They serve a fried Edamame as starter ... it is so tasty you will wish they had it on the menu.
We had dinner twice there and then took a friend the third time.

Another great place where we often ate good Indian food in New York city is the Grand Central station.
The stall goes by the name of Indian Spice and serve some very good, wholesome Indian Punjabi food.
And then, there was Starbucks.
 We had dinner at Utsav, New York city, one night ... after our visit to the Rockefeller center.
Good food ... but nowhere close to Coriander Leaf in White Plains.

 I was craving South Indian food and went to Sharvan Bhavan one night.

That is all about the food scene from our trip to New York. Most times I used to be so tired and famished that I did not have the patience to click a picture.
So this is all for now. I will update this post if I come across any more food photographs.

Rockefeller Center and Top of the Rock coming up next.

Stay tuned.


  1. Beautiful photography and narration. enjoyed reading.

  2. Sharmila, what a lovely write-up. The food photos are making my tummy rumble! Looks like you tried a nice variety of different foods. It would've never struck me to record such moments meticulously, hats off to you... Thanks again for sharing this post.

    1. Thank you so much Vaishnavi! Glad you liked it. :)


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